Welcome to JustSM!L3

Welcome to the collective. We’re committed to doing things different; Creating quality clothing, content, and culture. We can’t wait to make you SM!L3.

About Us

SM!L3 began as an idea our founder, Jonty, conceived initially as a friend-group with a podcast. Now, SM!L3 has been transferred over to Dreux for further operations. The brand truly is to make people smile, with high quality merchandise and a passion for bringing joy to people.

What Sets Us Apart?

We get it, there’s a lot of merchandise options to choose from, so why us? We strive to be different from other companies in a number of ways. First, we create our top tier designs with hours of thought put behind them. Additionally, our staff is carefully selected and made up of people who are well equipped to hold their positions, and that represent SM!L3 with excellence. Lastly, our focus on mental health, namely our routine donation to mental health charities, are the largest way that sets us apart from the rest. We want to achieve something bigger as a collective that can contribute to a greater good.

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