About Us

Here’s a little about us and what our plans are for 2022!

SM!L3 began as an idea our founder, Jonty, conceived initially as a friend-group with a podcast. Now, SM!L3 has been transferred over to Dreux for further operations. After months of conceptualizing, Jonty realized he could reach more people, and create an impact beyond just a friend group. The brand truly is to make people smile, with high quality merchandise, a compelling podcast, and a passion for bringing joy to people. 

Our mission is to support mental health organizations in the process, donating a portion of all of our profits to charity. We’re made up of individuals who come from different walks of life, but all share a common, driven mindset.

Our collective mind takes pride in the things that set us apart from other brands. We want to not only remind people that they’re important, but also to SM!L3. We can’t wait to share what we have in store.


Our vision is to set ourselves apart from other brands by superior designs, driven staff, and a focus on creating a lifestyle that can make a difference.

With an emphasis on mental health, we plan on giving back a percentage of all sales to charity to not only aid the cause, but to set ourselves apart from other brands.


“What’s in a name”. To us, everything. We, at SM!L3, are consistently in the pursuit of making people truly smile. Attaining true happiness is a lifelong goal of many, but there’s always time to smile.


Our community is of utmost importance to us. We believe strongly in the power of social media, and the outreach it provides. Therefore, we will attempt to give top quality interactions with our community.



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